A Lateral Challenge: C.H. Nix Pipe Bursting in Wyoming

Claude H. Nix Construction/Jasco, Inc (C.H. Nix), Ogden, Utah, is one of the premier trenchless contractors in the Rocky Mountain Region. The company has been responsible for some high profile trenchless projects including a well publicized, large scale, multiple installation pipe ramming project, as well as one of the first documented uses of retrained joint […]

Fighting I&I: The City of Santa Rosa Goes Trenchless

The city of Santa Rosa, California is facing the same problems that cities throughout the United States are facing; deteriorating infrastructure, specifically its wastewater collection system, and the need for more funds to be able to make needed repairs. The challenge at hand is how to upgrade and repair the system while remaining socially and […]

McDonald Plumbing: Keeping it Clean Lateral Bursting Offers Low Impact Solution for Hotel Renovation

Project: B Replace 100 feet of deteriorated 3-inch cast iron sewer later with minimal disruption at a Radisson Hotel- Grand Rapids, MI Contractor: McDonald Plumbing Grand Rapids, MI Customer: Radisson Hotel- Grand Rapids, MI Equipment: Grundotugger Lateral Pipe Bursting System with Fusion Equipment & Hydraulic Power Pack, TT Technologies, Aurora, Ill Major renovations don’t necessarily […]

Lateral Pipe Bursting Keeps Automotive Center Moving

A failing lateral sewer line is often associated with a residence, but commercial properties have to contend with aging infrastructure as well. The effect at commercial properties can not only cause great inconvenience, it can also cost a great deal in terms of lost time, business, wages, etc if the business has to shut down […]

Lateral Rehab & Replacement Goes Trenchless: Lateral Pipe Bursting

In the past, the rehabilitation and replacement of sewer service laterals was perceived as difficult, expensive and intrusive. With lateral lines running underneath yards, business entryways, sidewalks, etc. open cut trenching is usually the least attractive lateral rehab option. Most laterals continue on into some type of street or roadway where trenching is even less […]

Lateral Pipe Bursting Makes the Grade in Spokane, WA

There has been a lot of focus put on the rehabilitation and replacement of sewer laterals recently. The push for lateral replacement can be attributed in large part to the nationwide effort to reduce the problems related to inflow and infiltration (I&I). As municipalities replace aging infrastructure, they are discovering a significant percentage of I&I […]