Grundodrill 4X machine

Underground Construction Company, Inc. Doubles Down with Trenchless Tools and Methods to Install Gas Services in Arizona

While it is often assumed that individual methods of trenchless installation tools and technology compete for projects, that’s not always the case.  Many times, on many projects, several pieces of trenchless equipment can be used in harmony with greater results. On a recent gas main and service replacement project, Underground Construction Co Inc..(a Quanta Services […]

AGI Construction crews are using 3- and 4-inch diameter Grundomat piercing tools for a significant gas service line replacement program in Rhode Island.

Committed to Being the Best: AGI Construction Reaches High Levels of Piercing Tool Productivity

AGI Construction, Smithfield, RI, is one of the premier underground utility contractors in the northeastern United States. For over 25 years the construction company has provided a comprehensive range of contracting services for natural gas, telecommunications, and electric underground utility installations. With almost 200 skilled employees, the Rhode Island-based company’s service area includes all of […]

Mastec using a Grundomat piercing tool.

Piercing Tool Power! MasTec Achieves High Production Through Horizontal Boring

The pace of upgrading fiber networks in Florida and around the United States continues to pick up pace as large media companies push to offer faster and faster service.  One major service provide, for example, has invested nearly $900 million in their Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County wireless and wired networks from 2013 to […]

Michels Horizontal Boring

Michels Corporation: Piercing Tool Program on Target for Gas Service Installations

Trenchless technology has always been closely associated with the gas industry. The piercing tool, specifically, has become a common sight on gas service line installation projects — and with good reason. The piercing tool allows companies to save time and money on both new service installations and rehab and replacement programs. Brownsville, Wis.-based Michels Corporation […]

Horizontal Boring Piercing Tools

Piercing Tool Maintenance: Tips & Advice For Optimum Piercing Tool Performance

Soil displacement tools are known by a wide array of names including hog, gopher, mole, and missile. All of these tool names refer to a pneumatically operated tool that moves through the ground compacting the soil as it travels and leaves a bore hole behind it that some type of underground utility will be installed […]

NW Natural Piercing

NW Natural & Piercing Tools: Converting The Pacific Northwest

When H.C. Leonard and Henry Green started the Portland Light Company in the Oregon Territory in 1859, the company served just 49 customers. Today, the natural gas provider, now called NW Natural, serves more than 458,000 customers. How does a company that began before Oregon became a state become the largest natural gas provider in […]